Rushikesh Natural Wash
For clean silky shining and dandruff -free hair.

Rushikesh Natural Wash

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Akshara’s RNW is a specially formulated head wash which removes dandruff, nourishes and strengthens hair roots, it reduces hair fall and provides nourishment to hair roots. A perfect combination of ingredients which provide nourishment and conditioning from the root to the tip of the hair. It also protects hair from further damage.

The main ingredients going into the making of RNW:

Amla: Extensively used in Ayurvedic preparations as a vital ingredient for treating hair, root and scalp. It’s a natural tonic for promoting hair growth.

Aloe Vera: Avoids itching, soothes the scalp and gives soft silky hair.

Bhringaraja: It improves hair texture, nourishes hair growth and reduces hair fall.

Brahmi: Promotes hair growth, best for long, healthy and lustrous hair.

Hibiscus: A herbal hair cleanser to retain hair color, promote hair growth and prevent hair fall.

Tea Tree Oil: A very good anti-fungal agent for effectively treating dandruff, for moisturizing the hair and for keeping the scalp free from fungal infections.

Directions for use:

Gently massage the head wash into wet hair and scalp. Leave for two to three minutes, and rinse thoroughly.

Best for all hair types.

Pack size

100 ml and 50 ml

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